Monday, December 29, 2008

Dolphin rings

Youths throwing stones

is understandable...
for youth

but when we become adults,
isn't all this war stuff
really now,
rather silly?


So, what is karma in Buddhism?

1. Karma is a Sanskrit word that means "intentional/volitional or
willful action" and refers to the universal law of cause and effect.
Karma is a natural order of things, like water finding its own level.

2. Karma is created not only by physical action but also by thoughts
and words. Things we choose to do or say or think set karma into

3. Karma operates by itself, justly and, one might say, unforgivingly.
But karma can be broken, in fact, unwholesome or "bad" karma (negative
habits) can be consciously broken.

4. Karma is not "destiny" or "fate" or some kind of cosmic retribution

5. Sometimes people use the word karma to mean the "result" of karma.
For example, someone might say B lost his job because "that's his
karma." However, as Buddhists use the word, karma is the action, NOT
the result. The effects of karma are spoken of as the "fruits" or the
"result" of karma.

6. In the Buddha's day, most religions in India taught that karma
operated in a simple straight line--past actions influence the
present; present actions influence the future. But in Buddhism, karma
is NON-LINEAR and complex. Karma, the Ven. Thanissaro Bhikkhu
says,"acts in multiple feedback loops, with the present moment being
shaped both by past and present actions; present actions shape not
only the future but also the present."
So, although the past has some influence on the present, the present
also is shaped by the actions of the present.

7. When we seem stuck in old, destructive patterns, it may not be the
karma of the past that's causing us to be stuck. If we're stuck, it's
more likely that we're re-creating the same old patterns with our
present thoughts and attitudes. To change our karma, and change our
lives, we have to change our minds.

"Cause and effect are One thing. And what is that one thing? You.
That's why what you do and what happens to you are the same thing."

8. "The theory of karma should not be confused with so-called 'moral
justice' or 'reward and punishment'... The term 'justice' is ambiguous
and dangerous, and in its name more harm than good is done to
humanity. The theory of karma is the theory of cause and effect, of
action and reaction; it is a natural law, which has nothing to do with
the idea of justice or reward and punishment."
--Buddhist scholar Walpola Rahula.

9. Sometimes people talk about "good" and "bad" (or "evil") karma.
From the Buddhist perspectives, it's useful to substitute the words
"wholesome" and "unwholesome" for "good" and "bad/evil".
Wholesome actions spring from selfless compassion, loving-kindness,
and wisdom.
Unwholesome actions spring from greed, hate, and ignorance.

10. Although the fruits of "good" karma might be pleasant and
beneficial, ALL karma keeps one entangled in the cycle of death and
rebirth. Actions free from intention, desire, hate and delusion do not create either good or bad karma, but a third kind of karma. This karma is neither good or bad, neither black or white. This third kind of karma is very rarely discussed, but it is this one which is capable of putting an end to the other two kinds of karma. It is orld-transcending, above good and evil. To put an end to duality is to put an end to karma. Thus, this third kind of karma is the ending of all duality. In this the Buddha said,"I came to clear realization of this through my own sublime wisdom." It is something he came to realize with his own insight and then taught to all.

Merely producing good karma does not extinguish mental suffering completely and absolutely, because one goes right on being infatuated by and grasping at good karma.

sarva mangalam!
Bodhi svaha.

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Hope arises anew

Mark thee calendars: Feb. 17
A potential new day for the blooms of consciousness.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bearing witness to everyday illusions

beautiful performances--how much of each day is filled with such nonsense?

Rowan Atkinson Invisible Drum Kit - - The top video clips of the week are here

and how we fret about it

quotes from my gurino

" There are NO Answers ~
Love the 'Questions' themselves." ~ Rainer Rilke

"One easily-made, very common mistake
is to think that 'your reality' is THE Reality.
You must always be prepared to bravely
leave your reality for a greater one." ~ Amaji Meera

"Kindness" is more important than 'Wisdom' -
and the 'clear recognition' of this -
IS the beginning of Wisdom." ~ Theodore Issac Rubin

"Your task is not to 'seek' for Love -
but merely to seek and find all the 'barriers'
within yourself, that you have built against Love." ~ Rumi

"When I see I am Nothing - that is Wisdom.
When I see I am Everything - that is Love.
And between these two, my life flows." ~ Nisargadatta

"Love and Compassion are Necessities -
Not Luxuries.
Without them humanity cannot survive." ~ The Dalai Lama

" BE the changes you want to see in the world." ~ Gandhi

thanks, Akasa

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Monks and Tigers

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

that feeling

of trying to capture
that feeling
of purpose
and whimsy
of longing
and contentment

is that freedom?
is it love?
it seems to have no name
but the giddy sensations
and fresh ruminations
give it away

it is a giving
a joy
a spark
a union
and uncorrupted

he cried

in that conversation
he knew not why
nothing obvious
no one died
but just a precariousness of situated pretentions so fragile and buffered with such SUBSTANTIAL defenses no it couldn't be it was not possible people live this way everyday ongoingly
so he cried
and they carried
him away.

trying to convince someone

of a certain something
it was so important
we created a group
and we marched
and were so convinced
that anyone
who did anything different with
their life
was seen with suspicion
and skepticism
because we were on a mission
why didn't they join
us why didn't they
why did we so often feel so damn

and so i found myself

with a night
in which i did not have
a thing
to do

like a wisp of dust
on a saturday afternoon
in a forlorn desert

and i flicked
and i flipped
until all the channels had been seen
all the news was old
all the models tired

there was no more



in a gentle slyness
in a wry aside

it makes fools of us
it shows us

it is as big
as we can imagine

but cannot stand up
to a giggle

a preponderance of disturbance

a zig-zag existence

a lack of clarity

a boundlessness

unknowing if an end
is even possible

no explanations
no explanation
no ex-plantation
no execration




life has become too easy.

being still

in the shrill
get my fill
of the frill
ever will

with my quill
rising hill
wait until
on the sill

a fragility


Every moment teaches

wherever i go
whomever i talk to

a cop gang member surfer stripper professor mathematician waiter soccer fan soldier agent entrepreneur writer cleaner poet wanderer musician

that i knew
showed me this

and i forgot

i am trying

to remember

Don't embarrass the Buddha! - Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

(hell and brimstone Buddhist style)

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The Cosmos


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

No disappointment

is ever bigger
than this JOY

this cockamamie


just a big whale, man, shwooshing through the deep wide blue

and any negative comment or look or whatever
is my new best friend.

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