Friday, December 19, 2008

quotes from my gurino

" There are NO Answers ~
Love the 'Questions' themselves." ~ Rainer Rilke

"One easily-made, very common mistake
is to think that 'your reality' is THE Reality.
You must always be prepared to bravely
leave your reality for a greater one." ~ Amaji Meera

"Kindness" is more important than 'Wisdom' -
and the 'clear recognition' of this -
IS the beginning of Wisdom." ~ Theodore Issac Rubin

"Your task is not to 'seek' for Love -
but merely to seek and find all the 'barriers'
within yourself, that you have built against Love." ~ Rumi

"When I see I am Nothing - that is Wisdom.
When I see I am Everything - that is Love.
And between these two, my life flows." ~ Nisargadatta

"Love and Compassion are Necessities -
Not Luxuries.
Without them humanity cannot survive." ~ The Dalai Lama

" BE the changes you want to see in the world." ~ Gandhi

thanks, Akasa

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