Monday, January 14, 2008


is found through the acceptance

of sadness.


Shimmerrings said...

Very powerful thought. In one of the blogs I visit there was a discussion about people who express the blues in their blogs vs those who never show their humanity in their blogs. I believe that it is our nature to flow with the seasons, and if we do not, then we grow not. If we do not go down deep, like the sap in the tree, in the fall and winter of our time, then we cannot garner strength and wisdom for the growth that will come in the spring, and will be discontent in our summer. We can display a faux personna, but Joy it does not make. What we hide in the closet will still be there when we later open the door.

Traveler said...

Wow, shimmerrings, your comments just blow me away.

Here I am trying to write nothing and you've been adding so much "something"! Lovely. I'll do the nothing and you can do the something.

Shimmerrings said...

Yikes, thanks, I guess? I sure hope I'm not messing up your nothingness type blog :s I have long winded when I write. My thoughts go much deeper and are much more complex than I can express in two short sentences. I guess I feel I always have to 'splain myself. You are a little bit Zen... and I am a buncha Native American-type spirituality. They do tell long stories, don't they.