Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Is it really hard not to get upset?

When I found an old student had written
That I "prove the invalidity of natural selection"

Yes, I looked back at old comments on
From four years ago,
And retorts swirled through my head
For about a day.

Now wasn't that a dainty dish
to feed into my mind?


Shimmerrings said...

Bless your Heart! One of the hardest things to come to terms with, in own my Life, was the fact that not everyone is going to like me, and there's absolutely nothing I can do about that. What? Who could possibly not like me?? I'm so sweet, kind, gentle, loving, and non-judgemental. At least that's what I like to think (on a good day). It took someone actually saying to me, "Shimmerrings (yeah, right) everyone isn't going to like you... and you can't make people like you." Light bulb moment? I had felt that, surely, I must be misunderstood. And then end up wasting a lot of energy trying to be understood... and getting frustrated, when I still am not. I mean, isn't that why people are at odds with one another, for lack of understanding? Then again, maybe they understand very well, and they just don't like ya, anyway. Some people don't like different... some people don't like those who threaten who they are, just by way of challenge, however overt, subtle, and unintended that challenge may be. Just being different is a challenge to some. They just can't conceive it. Some folks can't understand anything outside the mold. It confounds them. I've found that people who are, by nature, devious and unkind, simply don't like me, nor care to know me. Why would they? They would have to come to terms with the unsavory part of their ownselves, that they do not want to face. That's not to say that it's possible that perfectly nice people won't like me, either. In the end, I say "Don't sweat it." A little opposition means that you moved some energy. You won't soon be forgotten, and that's not a bad thing. I find that when someone feels the need to criticize another, if you look real close, there is something in that critical person that is unresolved, and it's far easiser to judge another, than come clean with our ownselves.

Traveler said...

We judge, ain't no way around that. But if we see ourselves as the grain of sand or star that we are, where's the problem? We are. What joy in that. Even if we're face down in the mud, we're experiencing something that sand or star can't. Lucky us.