Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A new idea?

More like a "knew" idea.

It's all been done, but if it's new to you
That's new enough.

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Shimmerrings said...

I remember the first time I realized that my thoughts had already been thought before, by someone before me. I found a framed picture, once, that had the exact same sentiments of this, what I had assumed was, really profound thought. So profound, that I had written it down in my journal. What a bummer to realize that it was not a unique thought, afterall. It was when I was moving and there was sadness in the thought of leaving that place. But, not to worry, for I had realized that we never really leave a place, we simply take a part of it with us. And then I found out that there was nothing really new under the sun... just stuff that has already been known... I just didn't know it, before, lol.